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The palace of Mon Repos

The 258 qkm land of Mon Repos takes up the largest part of the Analipsis hill, where Palaiopolis is situated – the antique town of Corfu. Almost in the middle of the garden you can find the impressive palace built in 1842 by the member of the commission Frederic Adam. It is a magnificent building, which served as a cottage for each representative during the English reign. It housed Italian politicians, the Greek royal family and it is the birthplace of Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh.


Achilleion Palace (Sissy Palace)

This luxurious villa, only 11 km from the Dandidis Pension, was built by the Italian architect Raffaele Carito in 1892 for the Austrian empress Elisabeth von Wittelsbach (known as Sissy). The beloved empress, whose life became a film, favoured Corfu among all the other island of the Ionian Sea. Nowadays, the palace serves as a museum, whereas its impressive and colourful surrounding gardens include famous statues, as the one of the falling Achilles.


Old Fortress

The old fortress (Palaio Frourio) was built in the 16th century by the Venetians. In order to secure the fortress, a channel was dug between the walls the bordering land. At the beginning, the fortress comprised of the whole town until it expanded to the West.

Alte Festung

New Fortress

Start of construction 1576, end of construction 1645. It is said that many subterranean tunnels are under the new fortress, which reach the old fortress and connect both fortresses.

Neue Festung Korfu


Kanoni & the Mouse Island

The world famous Kanoni is situated in the East of the Paliopoli peninsula. It was named Kanoni after the cannon which was placed there in 1798 by the French. One of the battery’s cannon is still at the tourist kiosk. Before the cannon you can see the monastery of Vlacherna, which is connected with the main land through a quay and was built in the 17th century. Opposite the monastery of Vlacherna is the green mouse island (Pontikonisi). Its unique view is the trademark of the island.



Significant public buildings

  • Palace of HI. Michael & George
  • Loggia Nobilei (Town Hall)
  • Ionian Academy (Grimanibarracks)
  • Ionian Parliament
  • Church of Agios Spyridon (patron saint)
  • Panayia Kremasti and Agios Iakovos
  • Church of St. Giacomo

The marina of Gouvia

The marina of Gouvia, the first marina in Greece privately owned, is about 20 km from the Dandidis Pension. In the 17th century Venetian seamen chose this region of Gouvia as the ideal place for building a naval base and a shipyard – remains of it are still left in the region. This tradition is still alive with yachts and motorboats from all over the world arriving at the yacht port of Gouvia and enjoying the beauty of the sea and the surrounding, the cool breeze and the wonderful island of Corfu.

Nowadays, Gouvia is not only known for the remains of the Venetian shipyard, which still remain a place of historic interest, but also for its alive tourist resort with various restaurants and choices for night-life popular not only to the multinational visitors, but also to the locals.

Marina Corfu Link

Korfu marina Gouvia


Paleokastritsa is located 26 km from the Dandidis Pension and was for long one of the most beautiful villages of Corfu and it is a famous Greek place of beauty. It is mostly unforgettable due to its remarkable scenery and awesome beaches. There are six different separated sandy beaches or beaches with fine shingle surrounded by high rocks, olive groves, lemon trees and a strong vegetated mountainous landscape. The beloved monastery of the island is the magnificent monastery of Theotokos, which was built in the 13th century by the Venetian Castriizza San Angelo and is located on the top just above the main beach of Paleokastritsa.

Paleokastritsa 2


The charming, picturesque, traditional village is situated on the hill of a mountainous landscape over Paleokastritsa region. Visitors from all over come here to enjoy the breath taking view over the Ionian Sea and one of the most famous sunsets in Greece.



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